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Competitive Bespoke Thinking. Understanding Needs. Delivering Results.

Reduce Project Costs

Improve Project Budget & Schedule

Leverage Industry Contacts & Economies of Scale

Utilise +10 Years of Industry Experience

For over a decade, Automate Technology has provided a Managed Services facility to clients wishing to outsource the delivery of their small and medium sized projects. We take complete responsibility for the management and delivery of client’s projects from network to server to desktop/pc based deployments to entire office fit-outs.

Dependant upon client’s needs/requirements, we can place a team member in your office (to operate in lieu of your own in-house IT human resources), or work for you remotely from our own base.

This is an extremely cost efficient and effective way to deliver projects regardless of scale, as it avoids the need for a client to ramp up and down the company’s own resources to match varying project demands. Our services are used extensively in this way in the the accounting, legal and financial business sectors.

As one of the leading bespoke I.T Agencies, Automate Technology is your company’s best friend when it comes to all things technical and digital. We will bridge the gap between your business and the technology that it needs in order for it to be efficient and effective. We will manage, design, implement and build what your company needs and wants.  There is a chocolate box of services that you pick and mix, and design and build upon to carve out the solution best for you business.

Technology & Process Audit

IT Strategic Planning

Virtual CTO

Integrating New Technologies


Systems Automation